Monday, January 10, 2011

Helmet Magazine- 60 minutes with Anthony Capon

If you haven't already bought it, go get it now- Helmet Magazine, a new Melbourne and Sydney Publication.

You can find it at Magnation, Readings Books and Music, Fat and selected newsagents, that's if it hasn't already sold out!

The first edition features an interview with Anthony Capon of a.concept accompanied by a portrait taken by the incredible Nick Brinley.

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Monday, December 13, 2010


a.concept was featured in online magazine Faint Magazine, shot by Alexandre Dubois - Faint Issue01: "As Above, So Below".

Thank you to Alexandre for the amazing shots of a.concept and words by Sophie Castley. Check out the online magazine on Pages 154 - 165 for the Designer Profile.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Madison Magazine Spread

I recently came across the Madison Magazine Spread online and thought I'd post the article and images which were shot of my Project Runway Australia Season 2 Finale Collection.

Even before 25-year-old Anthony Capon flicked on the sewing machine in the first episode of this season’s Project Runway Australia (Arena), you knew he had some tricks up his sleeve. Maybe it was the eyeliner. Maybe it was his impressive wardrobe of man-skirts or “mirts”. Perhaps it was the way he approached each challenge with an energy and eagerness that almost seemed childlike. This boy, you knew, was up to something. And then you saw what he sent down the runway. The cream and gold lamé racing carnival dress with the outrageous tangerine bustle showed he could ride a risk to a magnificent conclusion and the babydoll frock he conjured from a riot of rhubarb leaves and beetroot was pure fashion alchemy. He made women – and the occasional man – look edgy, effortless and supremely beautiful. The judges loved him and the audience loved him even more. Alexandra Carlton finds out what he plans to do next.

How does it feel to come away with the big prize?
It was a complete surprise because I didn’t go into the competition expecting to win.

What do you think edged you above the competition?
I think the reason I did well is because I know who I am and I know what my aesthetic is. I didn’t try to manipulate it for the judges. I did what I believe in. That’s the most important thing as a designer – staying true to yourself and creating what you believe is beautiful.

Who are your inspirations?
People who have their own unique sense of style. I love Björk. She’s a huge muse to me. She’s such an icon. Singer Roisin Murphy is also amazing, even Lady Gaga. These are the new avant-garde stars.

Do you have a favourite designer?
John Galliano. He’s a genius. Anyone who can continue the dream of Christian Dior and keep it such a relevant label is inspirational.

Your mum is a fashion lecturer – is she part of the reason you’re in the business?
Yeah, she teaches fashion at high school, so she definitely had an impact on my life in terms of teaching me how to sew at a young age. Although I only thought of doing fashion when I was about 22, before that it had just been a hobby: sewing and making things for myself. But I’d always loved theatrics and costuming.

Some of those challenges looked exhausting ...
They were! You’ve got such early mornings and long, long days, but I think that worked in my favour. I wanted to put everything I had into it. They worked you so hard and there was never time to relax, but that’s what I loved about it. I love working under pressure
and stress. I think that’s why I thrived.

You stood out on the show – not just for the clothes that you sent down the runway but for the clothes you wore yourself. Where do you get them?
I make a lot of the clothes I wear. I also work for an amazing label in Melbourne called et al, so I wear a lot of their samples and the things I’ve worked on in the past season. And when I was in Paris and London for a holiday, I went a bit crazy in all the op shops because it’s so incredible over there. As a young designer, you don’t necessarily have a lot of money, but when you’re overseas you do a bit of splurging.
How about accessories?
I love jewellery and beautiful rings – they can really make an outfit. When I was in Paris, I bought this beautiful ring. It was silver and three-dimensional and amazing. The other day, it fell off my finger and got run over by a truck, so that was very traumatic!

You come across as a nice guy on the show – you seemed to get along with everyone. how true was that?
Completely true. I got on well with most people. There were enough stresses going on without having fights with people.

But you were especially close with Ivana?
We clicked over style and our stupid sense of humour. We’d laugh at stupid things. When we met in the first challenge, we looked each other up and down and thought, ‘Hmmm, what’s going on here?’ I saw her fabulous hair and fabulous style, and just loved her.

How do you think you’ll cope with the “Bitchy” side of the fashion industry?
I don’t go to a lot of “fashiony” events, even though I love fashion. I’m not really good at schmoozing and talking to people I don’t like, but I realise you have to network. But I’ve always hoped my talent would speak for itself.

Who would you love to dress?
Not everyone will love my stuff and I’m fine with that. I don’t want to dress Australia’s mass market. I’m a character people will either love or hate. I’d love to dress Charlize Theron because she’s gorgeous, or Victoria Beckham. I have loved her since the Spice Girls!

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